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Performance Management

What are the common reasons for implementing a Performance Management solution, supporting SLA’s, protecting service credits from being issued, supporting investigations and technical analysis as required, furnishing project capacity planning initiatives in addition to potentially supporting repeat and new business opportunities by demonstrating good levels of service.

Owning PM solution has it challenges as well and let’s not underestimate the complexity that goes along with this either. Firstly, you need to define your scope, KPI’s, metrics, SLA’s, discover assets, define services, groups / topologies and maybe combine data from 3rd pty products solutions as in differed historical data from multiple 3rd party systems, oh and did we also consider how this capability integrates within your OSS stack i.e. is it integrated as part of existing product set or as a standalone 3rd party product that requires bespoke integration.

The bottom line, is that monitoring of both Applications and Infrastructure and Services  is complex when trying to understand and gain useful insights how your business is running and in essence, implementing a PM Solution requires vision, dedication, long term commitment.

So how can we help?

Historically we have assisted our customers to implement standalone solutions, which require vision, strategy and design work shops, application customisation, 3rd party integration and bespoke development and having implemented solutions into a number of institutions in Finance, Transport and the Telco / Media sectors we recognise that there are a lot of overheads with this approach that do become an issue to support and maintain over time.

As technology has evolved we now recommend a different approach, which is based around leveraging and creating operational efficiencies such as stream line your process, procedures and tools, knowledge and ongoing OPEX costs. The key to this approach is through 3rd generation solutions which now provide the ability to consolidate, asset discovery, life cycle management, event monitoring, performance management and reporting into one framework that scale both vertically and horizontally. By taking this approach, you will introduce many key benefits from providing integrity from the asset discovery process through to all the key capabilities which support your (FCAPS) requirements.


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