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Application Development

Deploying technology can be a challenging process, sure you will leverage new functionality and capability but that’s only two-thirds of the story. The other key point is to ensure that you also enhance your current operating model through systems integration and data flow.

Our experience has shown us that not only do most OSS applications need some level of customization, but more often than not, you need some glue (application development) to fully integrate your chosen tool and a common example will be to ensure data integrity is maintained across a number of standalone applications from different vendors.

IOSS has provided strategic guidance to a number of our customers with software development initiatives in an effort to go that extra mile and streamline the business operating model.

Some of our previous projects have seen us implement some bespoke developments across functional areas such as Fault management, Customer Experience Monitoring, Performance Management, Service Assurance and Service Provisioning.

Ensuring data integrity across platforms also provides other dividends through license management and data enrichment which all contribute to the business’s bottom line. Our view is that any investment into technology only becomes successful when it becomes fully integrated with workflow, people and processes.

Why not take a look at some our customer reviews to understand how we have assisted our customers to impact their bottom line.

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