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Solutions Design 

Designing and implementing consolidated OSS solutions

We all know that deploying IT and Network technology can be a complex and challenging process.  There are many decisions to be made along the way and trying to subscribe to the FCAPS model is difficult and complex when considering many types of technology requirements such as IT Apps, Systems, Networks services and infrastructure provided by a multitude of vendors.  We find some of the common questions from our customers are, do I have the correct strategy, what product is appropriate to my business and needs, which vendor should I choose, how do I integrate these products, do I have the right resource available etc. which is where IOSS step in.

We work closely with our customers to define strategies and to implement and develop all types of solutions which range from bespoke standalone upgrades to highly complex multimillion-pound solutions based upon Integrated OSS capabilities, covering key areas which encompass functional domains such as,

  • Service Visibility
  • Event & Fault Management
  • Performance Management
  • Configuration Management

The key objective for us, is assisting you to maintain focus on the big picture of the end-to-end solution that may and will more often than not, extend across applications, hardware and software vendors, outsourced partners and internal business units.

Our existing customers have entrusted us to design, implement and manage some complex solutions on their behalf and it’s our view that any investment into technology only becomes successful when it becomes fully integrated with workflow, people and processes.

Why not talk to us and to see if we can help you with your next solution requirement.

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